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Q&A on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory


Bishop Daniel E. Flores answered the questions listed below following his talk on “Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory” during a Theology on Tap session Nov. 4, 2013 in Edinburg.

1. Why do we need the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?
2. What if you confess your mortal sins to God but not to a priest, will you go to heaven or hell?              
3. When in purgatory is physical pain infected?      
4. Is it a mortal sin to desire to die, so I can meet the presence of Jesus already?
5. What can we do to help souls in purgatory; purify our souls now so our time in purgatory will be less? Are there some prayers that we can say?   
6. Does anyone escape purgatory?         
7. Could you clarify the reason for wearing a scapular?    
8. It is said that the souls that go to hell do not belong to the mystical body of Christ; that they are no longer part of the same; in turn does this isolation affect the essence of the human spirit? What can we expect happens to the soul after spending time in hell?    
9. I was once told that heaven is not an actual physical place but rather a state of the human soul?             
10. If we get to be blessed to go to heaven, will we get to see our godparents and our spouses only; in other words, only the people who were present during our lives?    
11. What is the Church’s view on spreading ashes?

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