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Bishop's Children's Appeal

Bishop's Children Appeal“What does it mean to be a good steward?”

New appeal focuses on teaching
children about sharing
time, talent, treasure

The Valley Catholic
Meet Steward and Stacy. The brother and sister are the faces of the bishop’s annual appeal for children, which will be launched in September.
The caterpillars will help spread the word about stewardship, about the value of giving time, talent and treasure for others.

“What does it mean to be a good steward?” said Rosie Rodriguez, director of the Development Office of the Diocese of Brownsville. “We want to reach out to the youth and help them understand what that means.”

The focus of the children’s appeal will not center on money, Rodriguez added, although this type of education tends to foster a heart of giving.

“The goal is to educate children about the need to give and be productive members of society,” she said. “I want every child in the Diocese of Brownsville, in every parish to recognize that they make a difference.”

The children’s appeal will be run similarly to the bishop’s annual appeal. A video presentation will be shown to the children at Masses, in the Catholic schools and in religious education classes after the school year begins. The children will also be given a pledge card where they will write to the bishop or their pastor, explaining what they will do to be good stewards.


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