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Bishop's Appeal

Bishop's AppealThe 2011 Bishop's Annual Appeal started in March. The faithful in the Rio Grande Valley are being asked to make a commitment to support the mission of the whole diocese by making a pledge of monetary support.


Bishop Daniel E. Flores targeted four specific areas that will be supported by the Bishop's Appeal. 

1. Support of parish ministries aimed at building up family life and youth formation.
2. Support of Emergency Aid for Catholic Charities — Every year, natural disasters and other emergency situations impact families in the Valley. Funds from the appeal will provide a timely helping hand to families in dangerous and desperate situations.
3. Support for Spiritual Formation — Part of the funds raised by the appeal will go toward long term planning for the construction of a Catholic Retreat Center in the Lower Valley.
4. Continuing education — Part of the funds raised by the Bishop’s Appeal will be used for the education of seminarians, and the continuing education of the clergy.
At the end of the appeal, a report on how much money has been pledged and how the money has been used will be published in The Valley Catholic so that all may know how their contribution has made a difference in the life of the Church in the Valley.
Bishop Flores encourages all the faithful of the Valley to, "contribute with all of your heart." "We are all members of His Church," he said. "We are all members of His body and we all have a great part to play in seeing to it that His message, His grace, His life, is communicated to all those around us."

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