Ministry with Families 101

Ministry With Families 101

The National Association Of Catholic Family Life Ministers [NACFLM]

“Ministry With Families 101” This leadership formation course is designed as an introductory course to address the needs of participants new to ministry with a family perspective or to those seeking review and renewal.  It is an experiential learning process that is designed to assist the individual in incorporating his /hers learning on a personal as well as a ministerial and professional level.

Throughout the process, incorporating a family perspective in ministry is a central theme.  Participants gain knowledge and insights regarding the domestic church and increase their capacity for ministry with and among families.

Formation Process Topics
  • Christian Vision of Family Life
  • A Family Perspective in Ministry
  • Family Spirituality
  • Family Systems
  • The Change Process and  Reactivity
  • Parish/As a System
  • Partnership with Families Across the Life Cycle
  • Partnership between the Family and the Parish

Family Life Office
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Director: Lydia Pesina

Associate Directors:
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Mariela Trujillo