IT Security

Safe Computing Tips

Following are a few important tips for keeping your use of computers safe and productive.

  • Back up your computer and keep important files backed up daily, CDOB Network employees make sure to save all tour documents to your Home or Share Folder.
  • Frequently scan your browser and PC for updates using the following link.

Scan your PC with Qualys BrowserCheck

  • Think before you click! Clicking OK to a software installation and entering your password gives the software/web site access to your computer.
  • Do not install more software than you need, and only after you have verified that it is safe.
  • Password protect your computer and protect your password.
  • Learn to avoid scams.
  • Turn on your computer's firewall when outside of the CDOB Network and set your computer to automatically update itself.
  • Make sure your Computer is protected with an updated Aanti-virus/Anti-spyware software:
  • Employees using PCs on the CDOB Network should have installed Symantec Endpoint Protection (With a green Dot in the Yellow Shield)
  •  Everyone else (including employees wishing to protect home PCs) should install one of several good free anti-virus programs such as Bitdefender.

About BrowserCheck Service:

BrowserCheck monitors your computer and shows you, in one place, what you need to fix.
When something’s out-of-date, just click “Fix It” and BrowserCheck helps you download the proper update. It’s that easy.
Use BrowserCheck on as many computers as you like – it’s free!

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