Insurance & Pension

This department works with diocesan entities and the parishes in matters relating to insurance and liability for all the property and personnel of the diocese and parishes. All insurance claims are initially screened by this office and forwarded for processing with a corresponding recommendation. This department recommends, interprets and implements health, dental, life insurance, and long term disability programs for the priests, religious and lay employees of the diocese. It maintains a health file on every employee in order to forecast large cases that merit special management and to monitor medical trends and expenses. It administers the lay and priest pension plans by recording and filing service information for all participants of the plan and determining the eligibility and correct benefits received by priests and lay employees.  

Insurance & Pension
Catholic Diocese of Brownsville
1910 University Blvd.
Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone: (956) 542-2501
Maria (Connie) Hernandez
Insurance and Pension Administrator